I was new to Texas, without a primary doctor and was experiencing hearing loss in my ear. I was scared
and alone but needed help with the pain. Somehow, I luckily found Frisco Family ENT on the internet
and reached out to see if they could help. I could not believe the kind and openness of the staff to invite
me in for observation the following day.

Upon arriving, nervous and skeptical, the staff welcomed me. As I sat down in the waiting room for just
a few minutes my name was called. Having a bad ear, I was surprised it was my turn already; my past
experience at any doctor appointment is a whole afternoon affair.

The nurse immediately took me into the examination room and sat with me to discuss my issue. She
quickly noticed my anxiety and turned the conversation to a friendly coffee table chat. Moments letter I
met Dr. Patti. She, like her trained staff continued the coffee table chat to ease my apprehension and
somehow turned the conversation to my medical issue. It was amazing how I felt comfortable sharing
the details in which typically I would “clam – up”. (I believe this is called white coat trepidation.)
Dr. Patti began her examination with the up most detailed professionalism but at the same time
depicted a bedside manner mentalitv.

When I left the office, I sat in my car and reflected on what just happened. Not only did I receive the
proper treatment for my condition, but felt that I met a friend and that I was the only concern she had in
her mind during the procedure.

I share this experience not only to thank Dr. Patti and her staff, but to recommend anyone needing
Otolaryngology services – (Frisco Family ENT) to my new friend and the “BEST” doctor I have ever
experienced in the health care field.

Thank you Frisco Family ENT!